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About Us
Assenti Bathroom interior has been well-established in the sanitary market ever since 1994.  The brand is still going strong as a leading brand in bathroom interior design. Assenti products are now available in five countries, while the Netherlands is the largest export market. Our bathroom furniture is a perfect reflection of our passion for interior design and innovation. Website
Dzignstone is the new generation of shower design, manufactured from a unique solid surface material according to our own recipe. This mix of unique components ensures materials of the highest quality. Dzignstone is not only suitable for the shower, but for the finishing look of the entire bathroom. Website
Sens'eau is the youngest brand of Group Nivelles and focuses on a younger and trendy audience. Therefore, the Sens'eau collection contains fashionable bathroom furniture at affordable prices. Thanks to its own production unit in Belgium, a high quality is guaranteed and we can respond perfectly to the customers' needs. Website
I-Drain offers ingenious and innovative shower drains to manage the water draining of your shower in a professional and elegant way. The I-Drain is a high-tech and maintenance friendly shower jewelry designed by real craftsmen. Website